You should add adrest to your INSTALLED_APPS in Django settings.

There are default ADRest settings are writen bellow.

adrest.settings.ADREST_ACCESSKEY = False

Create adrest.models.AccessKey models for authorisation by keys

adrest.settings.ADREST_ACCESS_LOG = False

Enable ADRest API logs. Information about requests and responses will be saved in database.

adrest.settings.ADREST_ALLOW_OPTIONS = False

We do not restrict access for OPTIONS request.

adrest.settings.ADREST_AUTO_CREATE_ACCESSKEY = False

Create AccessKey for Users automaticly

adrest.settings.ADREST_DEBUG = False

Dont parse a exceptions. Show standart Django 500 page.

adrest.settings.ADREST_LIMIT_PER_PAGE = 50

Set default number resources per page for pagination ADREST_LIMIT_PER_PAGE = 0 – Disable pagination

adrest.settings.ADREST_MAIL_ERRORS = (500,)

List of errors for ADRest’s errors mails. Set ADREST_MAIL_ERRORS = None for disable this functionality

adrest.settings.ADREST_MAP_TEMPLATE = 'api/map.html'

Template path for ADRest map

adrest.settings.ADREST_THROTTLE_AT = 120

Set maximum requests per timeframe

adrest.settings.ADREST_THROTTLE_TIMEFRAME = 60

Set timeframe length